Stop Touching Stuff!!!

I love to cook for others. One pet peeve that I have is when people are in the kitchen with me trying to touch things, and go into my pots and pans! Anyone that knows me can tell you that doing such things is a QUICK way to get kicked out of my kitchen.  I woke up this morning, and even after being reassured through the word that God had every situation under control yesterday…I still began to try to figure out how I could fix things myself. How I could add my extra seasoning so that everything would be ok.  What could I do in addition to leaving it at the altar to eat the harvest quicker?

Then I took that thought, threw it away and remembered what I say to people when I’m in my zone in the kitchen: “Get out, I have this under control…stop touching stuff!”

Just to encourage you (and myself)…stop touching what God has under control with worry, stop touching it with doubt, stop touching it with fear.  Get out of his battle, and truly give your troubles over to him so he can do what he does best: WIN!

Part Two of “You’re Under Arrest (Medical Arrest) is coming soon!

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