Love Like ME!

I was sitting in my car just chilling, and I’m a thinker so I was thinking too. I was honestly just THINKING to myself (not really TRYING to pray) “Why should I give more than I receive, why should I love others more than it’s reciprocated?” when I got an answer… “Because that’s the way that I love.” So often we want to focus on our FEELINGS when that is conditional love. Whether people be our friends or enemies, we are required to love as Jesus loves!  I think I can almost positively say, that my father hated the way that I was so nice growing up, and when we first met my best friend simply didn’t understand it.   Society will have you thinking that you’re crazy for doing so, but loving unconditional definitely shows the light of Christ.  Easy, OMG NOT AT ALL!!!! However it will be worth it in the end. I challenge you to ask God to show you how to love like him…that’s what I’m going to do!

I Love Yall!!!

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  1. Wow Britt, you really ministered to me with this Blog because the World sometimes will make feel unconfortable when you love unconditional especially if they don’t have a relationship with Jesus. This was POWERFUL 💃🙌

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