Stop Touching Stuff!! Pt. 2

I can’t leave this topic alone because it’s something that I am really trying to grasp.  I have the tendency to try to fix things on my own.  THis past week I’ve really been focusing on “getting my hand out of situations.”  A lot of people know that hands carry a lot of germs, that is why it is important for employees to wear gloves when handling food, or to wash your hands after you sneeze or frequent enough not to pass unhealthy things to others.  When we put our hands in things that are supposed to be at the altar, or in situations that are supposed to be in God‘s possession we INFECT that area.  We contaminate what God is trying to heal.  It doesn’t matter what the situation is, when we react knowing that we have giving it to our father, when we react knowing that we are supposed to be resting and trusting him to handle it…we deny the fact that we have been buried and resurrected with Christ.  To die is to live as Christ lived.  I know that the previous statement is a big leap, but when Jesus was in the garden praying to the father about calvary.  He gave the issue to God and THEN said “Father, not my will, but yours be done.”  How is this relevant? Because although Jesus had the means to get himself off of the cross (he had the POWER to) he instead RESTED in the fact that there was purpose in the suffering and situation at hand.

Let’s get our hands out of the things that God already has handled.  Although we have the ability to stick our hands in situations….let’s rest and trust in God.

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