Remember Who You Are

I found myself in a VERY weak position this week.  I went and talked to a close friend, and then another close friend.  After this I felt a little strengthened.  (For the deep folk: It wasn’t because I idolize them, nor did I NOT put God first in the situation but because Iron sharpens Iron I was strengthened.)  I walked away with peace, and I got home and questioned why.  I got up and I remembered who I was.   I had to speak to myself and tell ME that I was one of the strongest women that I knew!  I had literally forgot who I was.  I am a woman of STRENGTH and virtue.

When I spoke that, it wasn’t just a pat on the back.  It was a declaration (announcement, a claim that is stated) that what was holding me would no longer place me in a corner to take hits.

Although the hits will come…which is why we have spiritual armor ( it’s our defensive stance that will allow us to position ourselves to defend what’s coming against us, and not get us to the point where we forget who we are and coward in a corner.

We have to remind ourselves of who we are.  It’s not being too confident or proud, it’s reminding those situations that you are royalty!


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