Reward for Pain.

I was in a relationship that wasn’t exactly the best for me.  I knew in my heart that eventually we would end up splitting, but the way that it happened was sooooooo bold to me.  I was hurt, confused, and sad because I had lost a friend that had been there since I was ten years old.  However, In order to move forward in my purpose it had to be taken from me and I appreciate it like CRAZY now lol.  Right after this was over I was really able to flow with God and be where he wanted me.  I began to pray for that person though.  Time went on and they were in another relationship.  I began to pray for their relationship, that it would have purpose and that God would bless them to do it the right way.  After that they were engaged, and so I began to pray for God to bless their union…that they would be an example to others.

What am I saying????

If I had allowed bitterness to grow in my heart there is NO way I would be able to rejoice in their happiness.  I haven’t talked to this person in over two years almost…but because God would not allow bitterness to enter my heart I can rejoice with those that rejoice.

The bible does not tell us to pray for those that hurt us so that God can get them back.  It’s not supposed to be a prayer of “Father hurt them like they hurt me, because they did me wrong and that’s not fair.”  More like “Father have mercy on them.  Bless their life, help them to be a light, help them to be a blessing to others, show them your love, grant them favor!”

I challenge you to pray for the people who have made an exit, or are hurting you! It will free up your heart from bitterness and release a freedom over you that will help you, more than you know!

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