Im So Proud!!!!

My grandmother and I were in a store one day when I was around fifteen.  The fire alarm went off in the store and firemen came rushing in.  I got a glimpse of the back of one of the men, and read the back of his coat.  It read “Gardner.”  I don’t think that I had ever felt so proud seeing my last name on the back of that coat.  A rush of excitement came over me as I tapped my grandmother with great joy and said “THAT’S MY DAD!!!!!!” Did I know that my dad was a fireman? Of course, but to see him in action was something completely different than just knowing who he was.  To see him walk in with such distinction, and swagger was amazing to me.  I was proud to boast in the fact that my father was a firefighter.

Have you ever gone out and your parents said something equivalent to “be careful how you act, you represent my name?” I don’t have kids, but I’m guessing that that particular declaration was made to us because our parents have worked hard for what their name represents.  In that very moment when I saw my father in action..  I started to understand more and more what his name represented.

The same is true for God.  When I began to recognize his presence and see him move in miraculous ways, I began to become proud that I represent him! What an HONOR it is to represent the Creator of this WORLD.  How much more should I brag on my heavenly father?! When he comes into a room, he comes with such a strong presence that the whole place shifts to turn and acknowledge him! That is so exciting to me.

We were CHOSEN to be God’s children, let’s represent him well.  Let’s boast about him to others.  Let’s get excited when he enters into our situations, and circumstances with such power that he turns them around! 🙂

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