That’s My Daughter!

It’s been a CRAZY past few weeks! Working, moving, funeral, wedding, getting old (birthday), having my schedule rearranged, the cares of life, moving again…just CRAZY. However, I’m currently laying in bed with the BIGGEST smile on my face!!!

Today I was on my way home from work and I decided that I needed to get some of this weight off, I started to pray. This prayer was different, I started to intercede for myself as I would have for someone who had asked me to pray for them. As I prayed I began to get strength with each scripture that came out, and each scripture that came out was a characteristic of who I am in Christ. The one that stuck out the most was: “…the joy of The Lord is my strength…”

Don’t allow the cares of life to take out of character.

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is joy!!! Not to be confused with happiness that is conditional, I’ve been BLESSED with joy in ALL situations.
So, like I said I’m laying in bed with a huge smile on my face, and suddenly I remember bringing home my eighth grade school pictures. I had acne, the braces hadnt been put on, my hair was crazy, and my skin was darker than I would have liked. I BEGGED my dad for retakes, and he said “no” (not a word I was used to hearing from him).

He said “no, this is my daughter: pretty brown skin, cheesing with gaps in your teeth, and all.”

As I smile tonight, from ear to ear I can imagine God saying “now that’s my daughter! That’s the joy I’ve given her!”

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