Just Enough.

I have been fighting with God because I don’t believe that he’s going to move in this one situation like he said he would.  Confirmation after confirmation, I have continued to laugh like Sarah when the Lord told her that she would have a child in her old age.  Literally, I have been laughing at God because it looks impossible.  I folded my arms, giggled and said “ok, show me.”

Im currently reading “The Circle Maker” (AWESOME read, go get it!!). One of the chapters told readers that vague prayers rob God of the glory that is his, because when he answers them we don’t know whether or not it was a coincidence or whether it was actually an answer to your prayer.

So I started praying more specific prayers.  I wasn’t consistent with it at first, but Sunday I prayed and a small part of my prayer was answered.  I smiled, but as the day went on I was discouraged that the other part wasn’t answered.  Yesterday I prayed, and a small part of my prayer was answered. This time instead of being discouraged I smiled, and went on with my day.  Later on I began to think about Moses and the Israelites on their way to the promised land.

Exodus 16 (This is my version)

They were a month into their journey, and they said “The Lord should have just killed us back in Egypt, because at least there we had food. (They were slaves though…) The Lord told moses that he was going to supply them with enough for the day in order for them to begin to trust him.  The Israelites had to learn to believe that God would supply their needs, protect them, and carry them through hard trials BEFORE they reached the promised land.

I received a promise, and just like the Israelites had NO idea WHEN they were going to arrive the same is true for me. I doubted that it was even God that had brought me to this journey.   I have NO idea HOW I’m going to arrive to this promise.  What I do know is that going back to slavery is not an option…neither is worshipping idols which with result in a 40 year journey which I just DON’T have time for.  So…I’m going to be obedient, I will allow his daily supply to grow my faith until I reach the full promise.  🙂

I know you can’t see, and don’t believe that the promise (Promised Land) even exists right now.  However, God will give you just enough each day to sustain you, and increase your faith. It exists…He’s not a man that he should lie.



  1. Very interesting post. This is inspiring. God has given me very little that’s a part of the things that he promise me during my trial. Like food, water, clothing, shelter, money, etc. We don’t really get the full promise as we asked for. We might get part of it and it can build our faith just like you said. Say, if you wanted to publish your book . You don’t have enough money for it just yet. But, you have money to print the pages and things for your back. That’s a start and it’s growing your faith to let you know that your book will get published. I see that on your blog you have spoken word artist/ mime. And you had the email as well. What’s that all about?

  2. Thank you again for reading and replying! It is important that we understand that if God promised us something, that he is not a man that he should lie. The process of getting to the promise may be growing our faith, and we just have to believe that he will supply everything that we need, as we work our faith.

    As for the spoken word artist and mime that is listed on my page, I am a spoken word artist (poet) and I also am a mime. 🙂

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