I mimed to a speaking part a few years ago, and the whole two or three minutes was basically saying how sometimes we plan out our own life, and then get disappointed when some of the things that we plan don’t actually happen.  The singer was saying how she mapped her life out and then went to God when she didn’t see the monuments being erected by the time that she wanted to.  She said that God said “what you had in mind, wasn’t what I had in mind so you have to seek me that you might hear my voice.” Later on she says “the hardest prayer I had to pray was: ‘your will be done in my life.”  That might not be everyone’s story but it definitely was mine.  When I first accepted God into my life, this was something that I really struggled with.  I wanted so badly to do what I wanted to do, to live how I wanted to live, and the thought of obedience, and having to align myself with what God wanted for me caused me to push myself into rebellion.  It wasn’t until later that i realized that I was being told to leave certain things alone because it would harm me, and take me longer to get to where he was trying to take me.  Being disobedient caused self-inflicted pain.  Being in unequally-yoked relationships, hanging with the wrong people, and just resting in rebellion caused heartbreak that could have been avoided.

I chose this to be the first blog of the new year because so often I hear people’s expectations on how things are “supposed” to go.

“I need to be married by___.”

“I need to have children by___”

“I just don’t understand why I have to give up___”

A lot of us have become slaves to society’s rules.  We have the ideas of how things are “supposed” to be and then we come to God when it doesn’t work out that way and God is saying “Where did you get that information and standard from?”  I remember I was thinking about a situation that happened in my relationship one day and I said “He’s supposed to…” God stopped me mid-sentence and said “Who told you that? Where did you get that from?”  I had to trace back the standard that I was holding people to, to realize that I was measuring things up to an expectation of society, and not to what God had even said!

My point is this: In setting up your resolutions, goals, or plans for this new year be sure that your expectation measures up to the word of God and not to society’s expectations.  We have to be careful that our desires line up with what God has in mind for us, and we even have to be patient in that.  Just because someone’s story is going to end in the same place as yours, does not mean that God is going to use the same path.

Twist:to entwine (one thing) with another; interlace (something) with something else.

Don’t get it twisted. Confusion comes when we entwine the path that society says we should take, with the one that is actually laid out before us from God.

So…rest in God, stop wrestling, seek him…and have a great year!


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