I have the CNN app on my phone to keep current on some of the things that are happening in the world.  Today I actually opened the app by accident.  The first article that I seen was a very tragic event.  My mind started racing on how this could happen AGAIN?  I thought that it was very unlikely for something so tragic to happen this frequent, and so I checked the date.   It turns out that since I hadn’t actually opened the app in a while it never refreshed itself to be current.

I’ve noticed that the same thing happens in my life sometimes.

I know some of what the word of God says about me, I even know parts of my purpose, and parts of the big picture of my life. However, when circumstances come up instead of checking my emotions and reminding myself that I’m not the old person that I used to be…sometimes I find myself going into a temporary state of anxiety.  The problem with this is that when that small piece of anxiety hits me, my mind is not refreshed to the current events that God is working on in my life.  We have to remain up to date and refreshed in the word! We cannot allow outdated information about ourselves to cause panic (take note that any information about YOU that does not line up with the word, is OUTDATED).  This can be fixed by rehearsing the word of God until we are automatically refreshed (even when bad things are actually happening around us).  Lastly, a lot of times we have people around us that don’t really KNOW us and because of this they might interact with us based on outdated information.  It is not our responsibility to prove that we are different…however, the fruit of our lives will eventually show up and refresh our reputation and character.

REFRESH yourself in the word anytime past events, thoughts, and mindsets come to give you outdated information.

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  1. Dear Brittney. Thank you for the reminder. Refresh our minds by His Word. God is not overwhelmed! We may be at times, but remember He is never overwhelmed regarding our circumstances of past, current or future. Blessings to you,

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