It’s Already Done.

I went on my first out of State engagement this weekend.  I took my best friend with me, we got through security, to the gate, and to our destination safely and smoothly.  When we got to the airport where our rental car would be, we went up to the counter to find out that it was going to be almost triple the price that was told to us over the phone.  We chatted for a second and she told me that she would go back to the original price.  Thinking all was well I was relieved, but my card did not work.  She told me to call the airline to get a refund so that they could just sell me the car separately instead of as a package with my flight, but when I called the airline refused.  So, I haven’t slept since the night before, I’m getting slightly irritated because I called the day before to make sure everything was going to be in order when I got there, but things were still going bad. (I had received a confirmation code that implied everything was taken care of.)  We speak to the lady at the counter again, and she gives us a “special word” to say to the airline so that they will refund the car…and it worked! So this time my friend went to use her card, but her card didn’t work either! The woman at the desk said “go over there to that other rental place, they might be able to give you a better deal than us.” So we went and I started to fill out the paper work for regular sized car, he gave me the price and it was a dollar cheaper.  I waited a second because my friend was on the phone, and he called me back over and said “I’ll give it to you for $20 cheaper.” I said “WHY? lol.” He says “Just because, I’ll give you the large sized car for the price of the smaller one.”  So I said “ok!” We walk out to the lot, and the woman at the booth says “Pick ANY car you want!”

After almost two hours of frustration we finally get the keys and my best friend says “I was led to pray for an upgrade when we walked in, that probably had something to do with the delay.”

A lot of times we are in frustrating situations where we want to just get it over with and move on, but in those times God may be trying to show us that he’s always looking out for us, whether it be through the intercession of others, or him intervening and giving us better than what we thought that we wanted. At the end of the day, he already knows how the situation will end, and whether it’s the outcome you want or not…it’s always for your good.  We can choose to rest or wrestle through the situation, but either way the outcome will be for your good.  (Resting seems to be the best option). This is very cliche’ but the phrase “Delay is not Denial” is relevant here.  Maybe you’re waiting on something, maybe you’re in a situation and it looks like you’ll be stranded there for a while, or maybe you have already received confirmation of something and it’s getting tough to have patience and see it come to past…whatever the situation…TRUST and REST.  It’ll work out for your good!


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