Tidal Wave

I was at praise Team rehearsal last night, and God came out of nowhere and just WRECKED the place.  Tonight i was reflecting on that time in his presence where it seemed like every issue, worry, doubt, and hurt was washed away.  I realized in my reflection how big God is.  We often hear people use the cliche’ “God is so much bigger than your small problems.” Yes the phrase is true…but honestly, who wants to hear that when everything is hitting you full force, and you feel consumed?  Today I realized that his presence felt like a tidal wave, and if you can understand that…you can rest in the fact that God IS bigger than your small problems.

A tidal wave is: a destructive ocean wave, produced bystrong wind.  The Holy Spirit came as a mighty rushing wind in Acts 2. So i imagine a force becoming so great that the ground begins to shake at the bottom of an ocean.  A large wave comes to shore, and as this is happening a mighty rushing wind meets the wave and the tidal wave destroys everything that it comes in contact with. it swallows (to withdraw from sight; assimilate or absorb:) everything in the atmosphere. God’s presence swallows every issue. His presence washes away the issues of life with peace, love, joy, and liberty.  In God’s presence there is complete freedom.  There is the fullness of joy in his presence.

How do you access this? Just ask!! I was writing a poem for this conference that I was apart of last weekend, and i asked for a fresh filling and received it! God will not keep anything good away from you! He wants you to want more of him, and he wants to spend time with you.  So just ask, rest, and allow the tidal wave of his presence to hit your life!.


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