My dad was firefighter, and sometimes it was annoying to be honest.  EVERYTHING was a fire hazard lol! It seemed like everything that I had plugged in was going to start a fire.  I was OBSESSED with B2K in high school, so naturally i had posters on all four walls and on the ceiling too…and of course, that was a fire hazard.  Even with the annoyance of not being able to use lighters and matches until I was GROWN (literally), there was a certain comfort in knowing that if something were to happen I had somewhat of a superhero downstairs that would come to save me.

There was one instance where my dad actually fell asleep while he was cooking something (who’s the fire hazard now? Just kidding), but seriously the smoke detector went off, the firetrucks came and i had slept through it all.  The next morning, my dad told me what happened and it didn’t really come off as a big deal to me, and still doesn’t.  There wasn’t a real fire, and even if there was I knew that my father would have came looking for me.

Sometimes in life we have alarms that go off that are loud and obnoxious! The types of alarms that I’m speaking of specifically can be situations that are telling you to panic, or things that you’ve entrusted to God in faith that he will handle yet your flesh is alarming you that it hasn’t happened yet.  So you go into a sense of panic because you are alarmed, and that’s natural because we are human.  However, know that you have a father that will take care of everything as you rest.

****Please do not ignore smoke detectors in real life****


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