Just Ride

My father and I used to go to travel to see my grandmother every weekend. She lived about an hour and a half away from us, so I was pretty familiar with the route that we took to get there and even had an internal alarm clock that woke me up when we got about fifteen minutes away from her house.  Even though I was always in the car on the highway I was never the kid that asked “Dad are we there yet?” However, when my dad would tell me to put my shoes and coat on to go somewhere outside of our normal schedule I ALWAYS asked “Dad where are we going?” Sometimes he would answer me right away, other times I had to ask him about six our seven times before he would answer, and sometimes he would say “just ride.”

I was thinking yesterday that sometimes my relationship with God is like this as well.  I’m not so concerned with the “are we there yet?” However, when I get into unfamiliar territory I consistently ask “Where are we going?” Now, there’s nothing wrong with asking God for the destination that you’re headed towards but I’ve found that my question is often rooted in control.  I want to know every move, how we are getting there, where we are going, why we are taking that specific route, etc…

I’ve started to see that if I knew every single detail of my life that would make me all knowing, which would make me God, and that is NOT the case.  Some things God reveals to us all at once, sometimes, piece by piece, and sometimes we just won’t have all of the details.  It is during those moments where you just have to trust.  He’s your father and protector, I PROMISE you he won’t take you to any destination that will harm you. So, if you can’t see it or if the destination has not been completely revealed to you…Just ride.


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