I haven’t posted in a while because in so many words I’ve been under construction.  I seen this worship video last week and I’ve been stuck on it.  The song that they were singing was “fill me up.”  That seems to be a common theme in my private time with God.  Part of the reason why I couldn’t post anything is because I was empty.  You can’t pour anything out of a something that is empty.

As I have been singing that song over and over, one thing that came to mind the other day was the fact that when you have a cup that has something at the bottom of it, whatever that something is eventually comes out of that cup with the consistent pouring of liquid into the container.

Picture a clear glass with dirt at the bottom.   The dirt can represent worry, doubt, fear, or whatever is going on in your life.  If you fill that glass to the top with water, the dirt will mix in for a second, but then eventually settle at the bottom again.  It is not until you consistently pour water in that glass not only to the top, but until it OVERFLOWS that the dirt will eventually come out of that glass.

My story today, is that I was that glass with the dirt at the bottom, but because of my prayers for God to fill me, the dirt did not just settle back in the background of my life, but through CONSISTENT pouring of God’s spirit, presence, and word I feel like I’m at the point of overflow.  Cleansed, new, fresh, and swimming in his presence.

It took time for me to get here, and because I’m not perfect at some point I will find myself here again.  It is so rewarding to be washed in God’s presence.  You cannot pour out without being filled up, and you cannot be filled up without being emptied out.  Enjoy the process, God’s presence is life changing. Let him fill you until the issues of life empty out of you and you’re experiencing his overflow.


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