About Me


I am a writer, mime, and spoken word artist.  Originally from Saginaw, Michigan I was raised in a single parent household with my father.  I went on to attend Michigan State University where I ironically struggled with rebellion, but at the same time was connected to an organization where I was taught about having a relationship with Christ and truly living for him.  This caused me to put down all of my idols, and dysfunctional relationships to strive to live solely for God.  Currently I seek to let God shape and mold my gifts so that his light can shine through each one of them.If you read my post “You’re Going to Need a Shovel”

(If not check it out: https://peaceofmyheartandmind.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/youre-going-to-need-a-shovel/)

you will see that I recently decided to pick up all of my gifts and RUN with them !! I have a desire to be more consistent in writing because it is my passion, and that is where this blog is birthed, along with people saying that my instagram posts were getting a little too lengthy :).  I love to encourage people, especially those who have experienced a lot of loss in their lives because I have as well.   We live in a world where support is hard to find.  I realize that many may be struggling with suppressed issues that have hindered their peace of mind.  It is my hope that I can reach those who need love the most! 



  1. Hi Brittany, I think it is wonderful you are are using the gifts and talents God gave you. I pray He will bless you in all you do. Thanks for stopping by my blog….

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