There’s a ROOT.

Tonight in Community Policing.

I didn’t want to go to class tonight, but it’s the last one of the semester.  I knew that Baltimore would come up because every time someone gets shot by the police or there is an injustice we usually go over what happened and what the issues are (not just the high profile cases).  My professor used to be the chief of police of a department that he says had a lot of racial tension, and he made every effort possible to fix that…and was successful.  So, here I am sitting in the front row as usual…and I’m randomly picked to read a slide about the Kansas City Preventive Patrol (this was one of the efforts to bring the community closer to police departments  after riots in the 1960’s).  I read the slide, and he says this was a result of the riots of the 60’s…what do you think will come of the riots of the 2015’s (lol)?

I cringe inside, because I have made up in my mind at this point that I don’t want to talk about Baltimore yet.  I had came up with a creative way to address my feelings about it and it’s not complete.  This is a class where normally shootings are blamed on the person who was shot because “if you don’t run, you don’t get shot,” or “if you just do what you’re asked you won’t get shot,” or “if you aren’t looking like a suspect, you won’t get shot,” or in the case of Baltimore “if he wasn’t doing something wrong, he wouldn’t have gotten arrested to die in jail in the first place.” Get the point?

In this same class about a month ago, media and the police were talking.  Someone says “The media fuels the fire..it all started with that Trayvon Martin kid.  If the media didn’t talk about it, it wouldn’t be an issue.”  *Blank Stare* I say, “It didn’t start with Trayvon Martin.”

So today…I said “What will come from the riots in Baltimore? I feel that the city officials need to LISTEN.  The rioters are saying something, and their frustration is not driven by this single incident, it is frustration that has a deep foundation with layers to it.”  *Crickets*

My professor to my surprise says: “Absolutely!”

Here’s my position, what I can put into words any way. HISTORY is fueling this fire.  I’m in the process of looking up history from a biblical foundation because I’m writing a poem about it, but for this piece let’s just look at the history of America.

You have slavery, the first form of policing in America being that of SLAVE patrols.   Fast forward, you free slaves and declare segregation unconstitutional, but some of these people still have prejudice attitudes towards Blacks.   Now you have police officers who are policing communities with people they don’t necessarily care for populating them.  Then you have the reform era of policing that’s trying to break the tension between the police and blacks in neighborhoods…but now there is a HISTORY of bad relationship and communication between police and Blacks. Just like stereotypes of black people have been passed down, stereotypes of police officers have been passed down.  However, that doesn’t mean that all cops are bad, and that all black people are bad.

My point: There is a ROOT to the issue of rioting.  Let’s not just look at the result, but what caused that end result. You can’t just cut a branch off and expect a tree to fall.

Prayer: Has to be done from the root.

Justice: Has to be done from the root.

Restoration: Has to be done from the root.

This might end up sounding like rambling, but I just had to get SOMETHING out.

(For a look at a more constructive look into what I think, take a look at my post on Eric Garner, and Mike Brown, and Tamir Rice, and Trayvon Martin, and many others here….  https://peaceofmyheartandmind.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/too-much/



I mimed to a speaking part a few years ago, and the whole two or three minutes was basically saying how sometimes we plan out our own life, and then get disappointed when some of the things that we plan don’t actually happen.  The singer was saying how she mapped her life out and then went to God when she didn’t see the monuments being erected by the time that she wanted to.  She said that God said “what you had in mind, wasn’t what I had in mind so you have to seek me that you might hear my voice.” Later on she says “the hardest prayer I had to pray was: ‘your will be done in my life.”  That might not be everyone’s story but it definitely was mine.  When I first accepted God into my life, this was something that I really struggled with.  I wanted so badly to do what I wanted to do, to live how I wanted to live, and the thought of obedience, and having to align myself with what God wanted for me caused me to push myself into rebellion.  It wasn’t until later that i realized that I was being told to leave certain things alone because it would harm me, and take me longer to get to where he was trying to take me.  Being disobedient caused self-inflicted pain.  Being in unequally-yoked relationships, hanging with the wrong people, and just resting in rebellion caused heartbreak that could have been avoided.

I chose this to be the first blog of the new year because so often I hear people’s expectations on how things are “supposed” to go.

“I need to be married by___.”

“I need to have children by___”

“I just don’t understand why I have to give up___”

A lot of us have become slaves to society’s rules.  We have the ideas of how things are “supposed” to be and then we come to God when it doesn’t work out that way and God is saying “Where did you get that information and standard from?”  I remember I was thinking about a situation that happened in my relationship one day and I said “He’s supposed to…” God stopped me mid-sentence and said “Who told you that? Where did you get that from?”  I had to trace back the standard that I was holding people to, to realize that I was measuring things up to an expectation of society, and not to what God had even said!

My point is this: In setting up your resolutions, goals, or plans for this new year be sure that your expectation measures up to the word of God and not to society’s expectations.  We have to be careful that our desires line up with what God has in mind for us, and we even have to be patient in that.  Just because someone’s story is going to end in the same place as yours, does not mean that God is going to use the same path.

Twist:to entwine (one thing) with another; interlace (something) with something else.

Don’t get it twisted. Confusion comes when we entwine the path that society says we should take, with the one that is actually laid out before us from God.

So…rest in God, stop wrestling, seek him…and have a great year!

Rotten Morning!

I could have titled this “good morning,” but I found that one of the definitions for “good” was “untainted.” One of the antonyms for “untainted” is “rotten.”

So, here I lay frustrated about something that happened YESTERDAY. Maybe you’ve done it before…going over what you SHOULD have said?

Well, this went on in my head for
about 40 minutes, until I remembered:

And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil. (‭Ephesians‬ ‭4‬:‭26-27‬ NLT)

Think about when someone doesn’t put away food at night, you wake up and instead of your surroundings smelling fresh, you smell the odor from the night before.

I let what could have been a “good” morning become contaminated by what I left sitting out all night, which was now rotten.

Do better than me, if you have some left over anger: get up, air out your house, keep it moving and have a GOOD day.